Wall insulation

Ultrotherm is an internal insulation system for solid walls. It allows walls to be insulated without costly alterations to skirting boards, windows, covings and radiators.

Although only 12mm thick, Ultrotherm typically improves the thermal resistance of solid brick walls by 40%, creating a more comfortable living environment and reducing energy bills.

Installing Ultrotherm provides immediate benefits. Unwelcoming, cold rooms are transformed into comfortable, warm spaces. Warmer rooms also provide a healthier enviroment and reduce the risk of unsightly mould.

Ultrotherm is installed over existing plaster and retains the character of your property. Flexible tiles allow even the most awkward shapes and curves to be installed. Utrotherm can be plastered using various base coat plasters to increase impact resistance. Once plastered, Ultrotherm creates a smooth wall surface ready for decoration.

With an expected service life in excess of 25 years, Utrotherm offers a long term and practical solution to energy efficiency.

Extremely good. I have been a customer of his for years and am really happy.”

Before plastering

Wall Insulation 1

Plastering in progress

Wall Insulation 2

Plastering complete

Wall Insulation 3

Ready for decoration

Wall Insulation 4