Dry Rot and Wet Rot

We can cure dry rot and wet rot, and prevent them from re-occurring.

All our timber treatment work comes with a 10 year insured guarantee.

The Threat

Both dry rot and wet rot are fungal attacks that can weaken the structural timber in your home, making it unsafe.

Wet rot spreads where timber is damp for long periods. Dry rot is more dangerous, as it can penetrate through brickwork and spread to areas where the wood is dry.

The Cure

We treat new joinery or untreated wood with quality timber preservatives from Safeguard Chemicals. The treatments include both a fungicide and an insecticide to keep your home from wood boring insects such as woodworm and both wet and dry rot. 

Our treatments can also cure wet rot, dry rot and attacks from boring insects once they have occurred, and prevent them from re-occuring.

Why choose us ?

  • All our work is backed by an insured guarantee
  • We are a trusted local company, with a good reputation
  • We are approved by Safeguard Chemicals and use their use top quality materials
  • We are prompt, polite, reliable, helpful, clean, and tidy

Insured Guarantees

All our timber preservation work comes with an insured guarantee.

Insured Guarantees

A very pleasant surprise when a tradesman not only gives a reasonable quote, but then turns up, on time, to do a very good job. Plus a good chat about football during the day! Thank you.