We cure outbreaks of woodworm, and prevent it from re-occurring.

The Problem

Woodworm can seriously weaken structural timbers, and cause damage to wooden furniture. Infestations may go unnoticed for years.

Woodworm are the larvae of a range of different beetles which have evolved to live within wood, for several years, by eating tunnels below the surface . The larvae eventually  emerge as fully grown beetles, by eating their way out of the timber, and lay eggs start the cycle again.

Insured Guarantees

All our timber preservation work comes with an insured guarantee.

Insured Guarantees

The Solution

We check to make sure that the infestations is active, and therefore does require treatment. Next, we agree with you if any of the timber is so badly damaged that it requires replacing, not treatment.

We treat the timber using Solugard, which has proven effectiveness against all lifecycle stages of common woodworm species (eggs, larvae, and adult beetles), and is designed to penetrate deep into the timber.

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