Damp and Timber Surveys

Damp and Timber Surveys let you, and your mortgage lender, know the the precise state of the damp course and timber in your home.

Mortgage lenders and their building surveyors often ask for a damp and timber report so that you and they can be satisfied that the structure of the building is sound. The report confirms the presence or absence of damp, wood boring beetles and wood rotting fungi that can damage timber within the building.

Building surveyors often recommend a timber report if their moisture meter highlights high levels of moisture in the building, or if there is evidence of a woodworm attack. 

Insured Guarantees

All our timber preservation work comes with an insured guarantee.

Insured Guarantees

What the survey covers

The survey covers the following areas :

  • potential defects that may lead to damp or timber decay in the future
  • the damp proof course : is it in good condition, and not bridged
  • the timbers : checking for rot and beetle infestation
  • the loft : for damp, rot or beetle infestation.

What the survey delivers

We deliver a full written report that can be presented to a mortgage company or a prospective buyer, or kept for your own peace of mind.

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